The Undesser Turkeys are grown on the Undesser Turkey Farm in Bristol, IL. The poults, only hours old are picked up in Michigan and brought to their home in Bristol. They begin their growth in cozy, warm and comfortable environment. Soon they are big enough to be moved to larger growing areas where they can be inside or outside as they please. The birds are raised on a low energy feed, which takes a bit longer to mature, but leads to a better tasting bird. The major ingredient in our feed is corn, which is also grown on the Undesser Farm. The birds are not given hormones for growth. The most important feature is their tender loving care, from the time that they arrive they are handled by the same people, from feeding as babies to their dressing out. This enables us to produce a bird we can sell to you with pride.

What Others Are Saying …

“Been buying turkeys fresh from Undesser Turkey Farm for years. Every year the turkeys have been clean and well packaged. This year was no exception. As a rule I do not like turkey but these taste amazing; nothing like what can be purchased in the local stores. True they cost more, but for my family and I it is well worth the extra expense. Be sure to check out their web site for information on how the turkeys are cared for and fed throughout their lives.” Randy Hutchison

“Best place ever to get amazing fresh turkeys , been going for years. see you in a few weeks!” Joe Stack

“Have been getting our Turkeys here for several years ..always happy with our birds. …” Suzanne Belmonte

We have gone here for the last 5 or 6 years. They are awesome. It is assuring to know where your food is coming from. To top it off, Rick and Ann are wonderful people too.Mike Craven