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About Us

We began to raise turkeys in 1972, and we started with our 25 pet turkeys in our backyard. When Thanksgiving came, our friends came to help dress our turkeys and we gave each of them a turkey for their dinner. They came back after Thanksgiving to tell us how much their guests had liked the turkeys and wanted the more of our turkeys next Thanksgiving. That was the push we needed to get ` started.

As our turkey farm grew, the state of Illinois told us in 1984 that we were large enough to need to get inspected. Ever since then we have been inspected yearly, and we now sell our turkeys to the public. Our first butchery was in a remodeled milk house on our farm. In 1993 we built a new butchery on Galena Road with a 30 X 40 freezer/cooler.

With our 5000 turkeys a year, we carefully stage them, so we will have a variety of sizes to offer to the public. The three stages occur in May, June, and July, but every turkey follows the same basic process. Our baby turkeys, called poults, arrive at our farm in boxes containing 80 to 100 poults from the Zeelance, Michigan hatchery, where they are hatched and sexed. When we receive the poults, we start them out in rings of 300 with a propane bruder, which keeps the poults at 93 degrees for the first 2 weeks. We buy a complete feed, which is mixed in a feed mill with just the right amount of protein. After a few weeks, we move the poults to a larger barn so that they have lots of room to run around. At 6 weeks of age, we begin to feed the poults our home grown Hi-Oil corn. Hi-Oil corn has more protein and energy than regular corn. The Hi-Oil corn is mixed with soybean meal and other proteins to make a hi-energy formula for the turkeys. We keep the turkeys on this custom feed ration for the rest of the time they are growing. Come fall, as Thanksgiving approaches, we prepare to process our turkeys just for you, knowing that we have done all we can do to make our turkeys as healthy as
they can be.

10292 Galena Rd.
Bristol IL, 60512